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why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 05:46:29

Level 61
yes, i really hate these commercials, even more than the stupid male voice overs for actresses, more than Flo and even more than that stupid gecko...

Several ads, all so damn..... well, they just treat the viewing public like they are morons...

Firstly.... and probably worst. "how can my car depreciate before its first oil change you say?"
WHAT?? Car was new, car is used, car was new car is used!! My first oil change wouldnt even happen till after at least 7000 miles, how can it NOT depreciate? Do they really think we are stupid?

Then.... "you call your car Brad"
I do? no. no. really i wouldn't ever call my car Brad... I wouldn't call my car anything except "my car". Only ever times i've heard of cars being called pet names, they have always been female anyway. Even the French refer to cars as female. "Brad" is NOT an option..... anyway.... "I love Brad" "then i total Brad".
Really... i love Brad so much i total him?? If I loved my car so much i would name it, i certainly wouldnt be totaling it / him/ whatever.

Then.... "my 16yo daughter studies day and night for her divers test" but apparently...."secretly inside i hoped she wouldnt pass" ??
So really i was hoping she would continue to be driven home by her drunken boyfriends? At the mercy of anyone who gives her a ride??

Then.... We have some bitch telling me that parallel parking isn't something i can do well and its only a matter of time till i rip off someones bumper??
Parallel parking is part of the figging driving test, of course i can do it, or i wouldnt be on the road!! Even if it was something i wasn't confident doing, i sure wouldn't rip off anyones bumper EVER!! if the gap was too tight i would go somewhere else to park.

Then..... "a car comes out of no-where BOOM"
Listen, if I'm claiming on MY insurance and i say a car came out of nowhere BOOB, then i'm basically saying, i was texting, playing with myself, doing a crossword, anything but watching the road. If i was sideswiped and a car really did come out of nowhere,, then it wouldnt be my fault and i would be claiming on THEIR insurance not mine!!

I'm probably missing some here, or perhaps erased them from my memory as a safety measure.... but of course i need to end my rant with .." what do they expect you to do, drive 3/4 of a car?"
GRRRR This company treats us like morons i cringe everytime one of their ridiculous ads come on,
No Lady, they expect you to buy a car for 3/4 of the value.... dumbass
Then she continues "I guess they don't want you to drive around on 3 wheels, smart"
At this point I'm ready to throw something at the TV and if hitting her was a possibility through doing so, i would.
such a condescending attitude!!

In summary, yes, they might as a company offer some added benefits to their insurance, but instead of saying so, they try to make US look stupid. I mean honestly, no sane person would accept the crap they try to feed us into believing...

ok end of rant.
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 15:18:25

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
Honestly there hasn't been a good Advertisement series since Jack Links Messing with Sasquatch. And by the looks of it the ad's are doing there job well by getting you to talk about it.
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 17:29:03

Hai Guise Wahts Uhp?
Level 35
Even worse is the one where shes like "why pay for insurance if you have to pay again for using it?" Ummmm i dont know about everyone else but all of MY insurance has always had a deductible. Not to mention almost everything else in the world is like that. "Why pay for a microwave/television/lamp/etc. if i just have to pay more for the electricity to use it?"
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 17:33:09

Lolicon love
Level 56
Where can i see these ads?
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 17:58:57

Level 61
i think a few can be found on youtube
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 18:10:25

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Agreed, I hate them too, I think my favorite one is where the lady says i got a new car, and i backed into a tree. How do you back into a tree? did you just put it in reverse and not look what was behind you? YOU DESERVE TO HAVE HIGHER INSURANCE.
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 20:30:07

Level 60
yeah, EVERY car insurance company has gap insurance.

I like the Allstate mayhem ones though.
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 20:31:11

Level 6
You forgot this one:

"Gas mileage, horsepower, torque ratios. Three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one"

I did some research. Turns out torque ratios aren't really a thing. Clearly it was just something they said to make it feel like they're smart.

Edited 11/16/2015 20:31:34
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 21:16:34

Level 54
I gave my trucks names. But it's not like i am just going to randomly refer to them as "Beast" or "Bullet". I'm just gonna call them my car.
why i cringe at liberty mutual ads: 11/16/2015 21:34:34

Level 6
You don't get to call your car a car. Liberty Mutual will tell you what its name is going to be.
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