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BanaNa Thoughts #4 Forum Freedom: 11/10/2015 20:03:27

Level 30
The internet is communication. The internet is connection. The internet is freedom, well the government is probably tracking you, but aside from that you are free. The ability to express ourselves without having to actually talk face to face with others has given us all a freedom; which many have used to their advantage.

Public internet forums are the gathering place of people of such freedom. Folks express their views and weigh in on the opinions of others, usually in such a way that they would not in real life. Trolls, racists, attention-seekers, activists, and everyone in between populate and dump their ideas into such forums. Verbal firefights break out between those with different ideas and without the constraints of actually having to face each other in flesh these conflicts get ugly without (and often even with) forum moderators.

Compared to other forums, Warlight’s forum sees relatively little traffic, yet trouble and conflict persista. Arguments often spin out of control.

“Hey! This is my thread, if you dont like it GTFO!”

“You don’t own the internet! I can do as I please!”

“Please ignore this thread guys, stop feed da trollz!!!”

“Okay sooo this thread is totally offensive. Where r the mods? Where is Fizz?”

At the end of the day, unless Fizzer enacts and enforces strict forum rules, the Warlight forum is a free-for-all. We all have the freedom to post threads expressing our views. We all also have the freedom to reply to those very threads expressing such views. Keep in mind however, that while such a freedom produces offensive threads and shitstorms, it also fosters nice things (metagame) that the community comes together to generate such as the clan leagues.
BanaNa Thoughts #4 Forum Freedom: 11/10/2015 20:05:28

Lolicon love
Level 56
obvs trull thrad!!11!!
BanaNa Thoughts #4 Forum Freedom: 11/10/2015 20:07:00

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
We should take care of off-topic forum . Some of the people who post there are seriously sick.
BanaNa Thoughts #4 Forum Freedom: 11/10/2015 20:23:02

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
No u suk
BanaNa Thoughts #4 Forum Freedom: 11/10/2015 21:33:11

Level 53
o rly belgian?
BanaNa Thoughts #4 Forum Freedom: 11/10/2015 21:52:54

Level 54
Shoot da fook ^f4g175 g37 r3k7 5|{RUb
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