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Gamer problems.: 11/9/2015 19:29:56

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
We, as gamers, have some of the dumbest issues known to man. While people in the middle east have to worry about Drone strikes and some guy in a turban shouting, ALLAHU AKBAR! We're complaining about frame rate and graphics. I've compiled a list of issues I face as a gamer.

Picking a Profile Picture: I've got like twenty Confederate Flags to choose from, or maybe I'll pick some fancy art, or maybe something funny? Or maybe my favorite character from a Anime or Game. AHH THE CHOICES!!!

Sacrificing max graphics for more fluent gameplay: It's so hard to put down that slider knowing your gonna make your game less pretty.

Saving: Mainly a Skyrim problem. I can't name how many times the game freezes on those stupidly long loading screens, only for you to realize you haven't saved for 3 hours. Bring us to out next issue!

Keeping track of time: I'll sit down and play some Hearts of Iron 3 for a hour, than off to work! 7 hours later... *Ring Ring* Hello? I'M FIRED?! Oh well... Back to HoI 3!

Trust issues and social phobia: Mainly a problem in GTA Online and DayZ. You don't know this guy! Sure he's rolled up in a Insurgent and is Waving to me... Better shoot him and destroy his car!

Not getting banned: I'm not exactly one to admit fault or defeat. I'd rather be banned than get rid of my Flag!
Gamer problems.: 11/9/2015 19:52:50

Level 60
Gamer problems.: 11/9/2015 19:58:20

Level 53
welcome to the first world buddy enjoy your stay while it lasts because soon sand people will come over and commit acts of terror also blacks are very dangerous in general and cause lots of problems same for hispanics. examples: africa, south american, central america, the southern USA, detroit, any ghetto, and the middle east.
Gamer problems.: 11/9/2015 20:16:13

Level 36
Picking a profile picture - I just use random memes.

Sacrificing max graphics for fluent gameplay - I ususally play on pretty shit graphics, and i'm not a huge graphics guy.

Saving - I save every 30 -50 minutes in games where I have problems.

Keeping track of time - This I agree with

Trust issues and phobias - Nah

Not getting banned - This I agree with
Gamer problems.: 11/9/2015 20:52:06

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Picking a picture? I have my cat.
Sacrifising max graphics for fluent gameplay? Not for me, becuaseI always play on shitty graphics
Saving? try to save every 10 mins but always forget ;I
Keeping track of time? Look on your phone godamn
Trust issues and phobias? Dont have the problem
Not getting banned? used to have that problem, but not anymore (#maturity)
Gamer problems.: 11/10/2015 16:32:14

Level 53
none of these are real problems. Profile pic: just pick something you fatso. Graphical fidelity isn't a big deal as long as the gameplay is good if you want to look at something pretty go to a god damned park or an art museum. Or buy a game with shitty gameplay but really good visuals you cant really have both....yet....Saving isn't an issue if you're not senile or smokin weed. I am self employed time is beholden to me. I just gun down everyone in most games even friends after I am done using them I presume most people would do the same if they were as backstabbing and greedy as I. Getting banned is only an issue when the mods or users are trolls.
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