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My Personal Strategy Notes!: 11/7/2015 01:28:18

Level 57
Hello, So recently I have been discussing strategy with numerous people, I would post some guides about some recent games about how I approach and how I think. So I thought it would be a nice change from the people retiring (I will be soon haha) and go back to some strategy. If you like to talk some competitive strategy and are interested in receiving strategy notes please mail me! It is so much better for the WL Community discussing about things privatly rather on the WL Forums, Not everyone wants to see your garbage. Here below is a notes I made about some game, I am not claiming to know more than anyone on this game or think I know all cause I don't I just want to post guides to improve people and to help improve myself.

So here it is, If your interested or liked these please mail me, I will be having a bunch of these so take them and use them however you wish for strategic purposes only.

My game vs Arkanton has finished! https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=9773961 I am going to type up all my thought-processes and methods on every turn. This is literally a key to my mind. It's going to be long but enjoy! Let me know what you think :) Enjoy!

Right! So I am just going to type up everything I wrote in this book regarding the game, It may be confusing but just ask me questions :)!!!

Lynx - Guiroma: Game 15
Picks 4x5
neutral territory in-distribution 4
one blockade
no card pieces
random move order
5 armies per turn


Distributing 8 picks - 6 Income/Territory bonuses 2 counters

How did Arkanton pick? Mainly East, One FTB "2" Bonus, After picks controlled around that, Wanted one pick in West.

Use of After-picks pattern?

Arkanton vs Greentea - Picking went for Arabia first pick with a syrian combo. Will he #1 pick Arabia again? Pontinca as a #4 pick? These 3 picks all compliment each other, Again wants to try and gain a +2 Income advantage by comboing "2" Bonus and always #1 Pick Arabia, West < East


Turn one -

As expected Arabia was took, I suspect a Arabia + Syria combo as picked in the last two games against Greentea + TheRiverStyxie due to a lack of contested picks in the west. Dalmatia was took. I would also expect a pick in the west possibly Baetica. Rough Idea of Arkanton picks 1. Arabia 2. Syria 3. Dalmatia 4. Thracia.

Arkanton will more than likely take Dalmatia as it is a safe bonus. Leaving 3 Income to spend on Arabia While I can spend 5 to gain Sinai and cause Arabia some problems.


Turn two -

As expected Arkanton spent 3 of his units on Arabia and had the Syria/Arabia combo and tried to capture Arabia, Which was foiled by my #1 pick first attack move at Egypt to Arabia. I now know my opponents 4 picks those are Southern Gaul, Syria, Arabia and Dalmatia I believe Arkanton has 7 Income same as me. Arkanton does not have a bonus to take next turn, I believe he will take Southern Gaul as it's takeable in 1-2 turns and requires less turns and armies than Syria. Therefore taking Thracia will give me a "2" bonus but I must defend Arabia and prevent Tarraconensis from being broken. Moving Salmantica to Numantico will save me 2 income taking he doesn't stack and attack Tarraconensis.Trying to capture Arabia is not an option but defending it is. What I'm hoping for is Arabia + Tarraconsesis to not be lost. So I can gain a +2 Income advantage.


Turn 3- Succesful! Arabia or Tarraconsesi was not lost and I've a +2 Income advantage with no sign of Arkanton gaining a other bonus!

My Income - 9
Arkanton - 7

Income Advantge + 2

What if Arkanton deploys all 7 in Arabia? 10 Attacking armies, 5 defending armies needed meaning 4 armies would be left to deploy, With this Income advantage, I can easily make advances on the Western front while easily holding Arabia! With Lusitania and Baetica open to quick expansion securing the west will be key to unlocking the east. I will hope to make a advancement into Southern Gaul with holding of Arabia.


Turn 4 - Made a crucial mistake of not attacking Aquitania first! This has allowed the taking of Hispania (Tarracco) and is now lurking around Numantia. Arkanton has spent 4 of his income defending, Meaning where did he spend his other 3 income? Capturing Tribus Iazges to unsettle Thracia? Taking of Syria? Taking of Panomia? Taking of Panomia will be my guess to take Panomia 10 armies need 3 armies + 2 left overs = 5 armies needed to take Panomia.

Will he do it? Yes, To trackback the 2 Income advantage and hope to surive in the West. What I hope is to take the West and hold Arabia.


Turn 5 - Spent 6 of his 7 income in Panomia, Meaning 4 armies are needed for completion of Panomia, Secured West. Gaining Southern Gaul this turn + 3 Income. Must hold Arabia! Arkanton Income = 7 meaning, 4 defend armies needed, Must attack Panomia ia Tribus Iazges, What I hope, Hold Arabia and control Iazges Tribus with double border of Dalmatia + Panomia.


Turn 6 - Spent 1 of his 7 Income, Blockaded Palestina to prevent Arabia being taken but also to protect Syria? Attacking Petra this turn to find out.

Arkanton = 9
Me = 12

Income advantage +3

Leftovers + Armies needed to capture Narbonensis. Sinai 1 army to secure Petra to attack Syria. 11 Armies to Tribus Iazges to attack mura with 8 Attacking armies and Narona with 2 attackig armies, What did he do with his 2 armies? Securing Syria? Or controlling Venetia to counter Southern Gaul. If he is trying to secure Southern, Attack Taurisia with 4 armies. What I hope for this turn secure Taurasia control of Petrusium + Petra and break Dalmatia or hold Tribus Izageus.


Turn 7 - Arkanton surrenders! FUCK YEAH! :D

This would be where I would say what mistakes I made and how accurate I was reading his game haven't got to this part yet!

Enjoy and leave a comment on what you think about this!
My Personal Strategy Notes!: 11/7/2015 01:30:30

Level 57
Go Turn by Turn with the History of the game!

Please feel free to criticise my play as it will only improve myself and I will thank you for it.
My Personal Strategy Notes!: 11/7/2015 01:49:49

Level 59
Nice Plat! I think it would be cool to see some top players post in this thread with their own games and analysis.

https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=9772918 vs Mike |GG|
Please ignore the chat of this game, Clan League council has it handled.

I am not sure whether or not I won this off of picks, my picks were likely better, but Mike went for two bonuses at once.

Mike's Picks:

1. WR
2. SA
3. Ant
4. Scan
5. CR
6. Green

The problem with that is that a 23 combo is usally worse than a 12 (what I did) or a 13 combo, and WR never goes well with SA.

My picks:

1. SA
2. Ant
3. Scan
4. WR
5. Middle East
6. EC

The problem here is a possible 145, so I think Caucasus would be a lot better counter to my 34.

Turns 1&2:

Not sure what Mike is trying to do, he is at an income disadvantage and exposing himself on my fronts.

Turn 3:

I had two attacks that I thought would need last order. I never considered that Mike would be in CR, so I thought it was game over at this point.

Turn 4:

I think Mike's priority of staying in Scan vs staying in Ant was mixed up, he has a much closer presence to my income in Ant, and has a presence in CR.

Turn 5: I just go full out on Mike in Ant, and get a double border on Scan. Mike surrenders.

Some can say he had bad luck this game, but most would agree he should have put all of his income in CR for two turns to be much safer then exposing himself with inferior income.
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