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7003 Step Guide to the Apocalypse: 11/6/2015 01:52:10

Level 46
So you've started the Apocalypse? Well no matter, with this 7003 Step Guide you can conquer the Apocalypse! And best of all, it's in tape format! *booing*
Step One: Pause the Video.
Step Two: Smash the tape player
Step Three: Jump out the window.
Step Thirty-Four: Break out of prison.
Step One Hundred Twenty-Five: Dodge gunfire and break into the tank plant.
Step Three Hundred: Take control of Washington D.C.
Step One Thousand: Abdicate your throne as Emperor of America.
Step Three Thousand: Lose a fight with Satan.
Step Five Thousand: Resurrect yourself.
Step Six Thousand: Slay the demon army by playing Justin Bieber music.
Step Seven Thousand: Somehow slay Satan, even though he is not mortal.
Step Seven Thousand One: By slaying Satan, realize that you have given birth to a worse evil than before.
Step Seven Thousand Two: Realize that you should have paused the Video (you're still listening, aren't you?)
Step Seven Thousand Three: Scream Violently after realizing your mistake.

(Will add to guide as much as possible to make it "complete")
7003 Step Guide to the Apocalypse: 11/6/2015 02:01:42

Catus Cauda
Level 53
Sorry but, what?
7003 Step Guide to the Apocalypse: 11/6/2015 02:37:39

Level 54
This makes me think about weezer's new single.
7003 Step Guide to the Apocalypse: 11/6/2015 03:45:51

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
Why do we have to break out of prison?
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