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The World of Cyberspace. The Console Wars.: 11/6/2015 00:23:31

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
"Disclaimer!!! I don't know everything about the following systems. I will probably miss alot of details, and while I tried not too, my Xbox biased may show in this. If you think something you be added, or I'm flat out wrong about something, feel free to add or correct me."

If you've spent more than five minutes on the internet, you've probably heard the terms "Gaystation" "X-Bone" "PC Master Race". To a non gamer, these just sound like immature phrases uttered by a socially disturbed man in a insane asylum. To a gamer however, these phrases are Propaganda for the three main factions in the Console Wars. What are the console wars you ask? Here is the gist of it.

The Console wars are a series of battles taking place on every forum and comment section in the known Cyberspace. Nobody knows who fired the first bullet, but some basement dwellers traced the conflict to the ancient Empires of Atari, Sega, and Nintendo. Two of these kingdoms are gone completely and the other is a shadow of it's former self. The three superpowers of the modern Console Wars are X-box, Playstation, and the PC Master Race. To know the origins of the console wars, we must know the history of these nations.

The PC Master race is the youngest of the Superpowers, it split from the Old Kingdom of PC gaming at around 2003 with the Dictator Gaben took power after Coup De d'Steam. The old kingdom of PC gaming was a peace loving nation who respected all people regardless of their console choice. The PC Master race is the complete opposite of that. Believing Genocide of the "Filthy Console Peasants" as the only choice for a perfect Cyberspace. If you want a high framerate, never be challenged on anything ever, and don't mind being a D*** to everybody who plays something different to you, than this is your choice.

Xbox is the one often at the butt of every joke, launched in 2001, with a huge amout of potential with Halo CE taking the world by storm. Sadly this would not last, quality games continued to come out, but with a large amount of it's population too young to run the nation properly they just became the laughing stock of the entire world. If you want good games and don't mind Toxic kids, than this may be your choice.

Playstation is the oldest of the superpowers, tracing it's roots back to 1995. Was created out of a failed agreement with Nintendo(Still a major power at this time) in which Sony was abandoned in favor of Phillips, not giving into defeat, Sony created it's own console under it's own banner. A Nation with a abnormal love for remasters. If you want a good fanbase, with constant $60 Remasters of old games, than this may be your choice.
The World of Cyberspace. The Console Wars.: 11/6/2015 02:50:21

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
I am but a lowly speck of dust on the gaming spectra. For years I have been a citizen of the Playstaion warmachine since a young age. At the tender age of 8 I was conscripted to fight for Playstaion on the PS1. Life was well for me. I even had rare interactions with the peaceloving PC players before the great Gaben Dictatorship. When PS2 came out, I marveled at the potential of fun. Even now I recall my nights playing battlefront2 and Need for Speed Underground. Oh how sweet my childhood was.

But everything changed when the next gen came out. War erupted between the mighty Playstaion3 and the lowly Xbox360. At first i was jealous because the Xbox nation had Halo and Halo wars. But I knew in my heart Playstaion was superior. I remained loyal to my childhood and fought courageously for Playstaion. Earning achievements wherever I went.

But even during this violent war, a small still voice tempted me. "Join me" it said. It was that once gentle computer I had fond memories with. Oh how giddy were those times in Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Rune Escape and others. But alas it was a windows XP. A reject from the Gaden Empire. The great war had drained me of sufficient funds to replace that frail thing. So I had no choice but to play laggy RTW and Playstaion 3. Even though deep down, I knew the PC was better.

But by the great gods Ive reached a level of funds which have allowed me to splurge some! For even as we speak I am working to change my citizenship from Playstaion to the PC! Playstaion will always have a spot in my heart but PC will let me play all of the games I truly enjoy.

Tl;Dr I don't like Xbox. Ps3 is great but PC is better.
The World of Cyberspace. The Console Wars.: 11/6/2015 02:54:26

Level 54

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