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Strategic World Single Player Scenario: 10/31/2015 14:15:13

Level 59
This Scenario was made by me in under 5 minutes because I was bored. I'm planning on doing a World Disaster Scenario pack.

E = Easy
M = Medium
H = Hard
SH = Super Hard
SDH = Super Duper Hard
Basic Game:

A: North America(E) - Just keep Expanding, your Superbonus is very safe, and breaking Panama Canal should be very easy.
B: South America(M) - Put extra focus in armies to the North, and break Panama Canal quickly.
C: Greater Middle East(H) - Break Eurasia and Monsoon Asia first turn or its over.
D: Sub-Saharan Africa(M) - Try to keep your Superbonus, and let everyone else fight.
E: Eurasia(E) - Just break Greater Middle East and fight North America.
F: Monsoon Asia(M) - Keep Singapore contained and fight Greater Middle East, then fight North America.
G: Malay Archipelago & Oceania(SH) - Get as much safe income as possible.
H: Panama Canal(SH) - everything you got to Veraguas first turn.
I: Suez Canal(M) - Try to break free, then focus on fighting Eurasia.
J: Singapore(H) - Don't worry about the South as much, but you need to break Monsoon Asia.

ISIS World Domination:
A: American Union(H) - Keep the Fighting away from your Superbonuses, you have the highest income, but MEF will take you down if you don't protect North America.
B: Eurasia(SH) - Stack up and Fight Somewhere else.
C: Middle Eastern Force(E) - Just Fight, fight, fight.
D: Sub-Saharan Africa(SDH) - Stack and fight somewhere else quickly.
E: Eastern-Asian Force(SH) - Make a tradeoff point, and break Greater Middle East.

I am having a lot of fun playing this, and hope you guys try it out.

Edited 10/31/2015 14:51:25
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