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Benefits of being in a clan?: 10/28/2015 18:16:24

Level 55
I started my account about a year ago. I played for a while and then stopped. I just recently started back up again. I basically only play 1v1. But I would be interested in playing other formats.

I'm curious what the benefits of being in a clan are? Why do you enjoy it? What clan's are good for someone like me to join? Thanks for any help!

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Benefits of being in a clan?: 10/28/2015 18:20:52

Level 59
Why join a clan?

There is a simple reason for that - to interact with people! Whether you want to improve your strategy, play games with skilled/friendly people or just casually talk about something, there should always be a clan for you.

(of course, there are bad clans as well who do basically nothing, like Darklords, but they're pretty easy to recognize)

Hope it helped :)
Benefits of being in a clan?: 10/28/2015 18:22:25

Level 58
it obviously depends on what you want. I joined M'hunters and it has helped me improve my gameplay, I have a bunch of trusted players who I can team up with. I found teamates to join me in the ladders, all of which are clan mates.

We have internal tournaments, game analysis if you want to see where you went wrong, fun, friendly community. There is also the clan league where you test your skills against other clans. For some its just a nice picture next to your name, for me its a social and competitive community that has my back.
Benefits of being in a clan?: 10/28/2015 20:03:32

Level 58
A clan is more or less a collection of people. WarLight supplies very minimal benefits in the actual software (beyond just a private forum and some other small venues for expression). Everything you gain depends on your specific group dynamic.

You gain the most from joining a clan that matches your interest and your activity level (and of course, a clan where you'll feed accepted and like you're actually part of something). For example, if you don't like weird settings or aren't active enough to join games regularly, The Poon Squad is a bad choice. If you're not into 1v1, then Illuminati aren't for you.

It's entirely subjective, and the level of benefit you gain comes from how well you match with a clan. This also means that you might want to consider changing your clan every time your behavior (activity levels, interest, etc.) changes.

You can also use clans as a filter (actually, in Create Game, you can just use clan name instead of player name to search for people) to quickly connect with people you like to play with.
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