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Missed opportunity: 10/11/2015 22:24:08

Vernita Green
Level 56
Today I took a look at the 3on3 ladder and I saw someone already ranked. There it struck me, what a great opportunity we missed. Someone could have made the record of being ranked no.1 with the lowest score possible, just by surrendering all games and getting ranked first.

Too bad. Maybe next ladder.
Missed opportunity: 10/11/2015 22:32:36

Level 63

Still doesn't have the #1 trophy, which is blasphemy.

Edited 10/11/2015 22:33:13
Missed opportunity: 10/11/2015 22:50:58

Cata Cauda
Level 58
I read this boring thread only because the thread name attracted me... "Missed opportunity". Thats like a boring book with a great title. You should become an author!
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