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Question:: 10/1/2015 05:05:07

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Your favorite Map / Template to play a Single-Player Game with?

Yes, against AIs.

And with links please. :)

Edited 10/1/2015 08:56:50
Question:: 10/2/2015 23:21:39

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Title: USA 1

Basic Map of the Lower 48 States of the USA.
Manual Distribution, Cards.
This template is usually an easy win.
Few Surprises, sometimes a little drawn out.

Title of Template: sav poland from ais

Small Map of Poland.
4 Players in a very small map... sometimes I win,
sometimes I get tag-teamed... sometimes it gets drawn out
if I get tagged-teamed, but I have the will and the luck to survive.

That's all for now. :)
Question:: 10/2/2015 23:54:14

Level 60
please stop
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