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Top ten reasons... [Game] [Cocagne/Cockaigne/]: 9/28/2015 03:14:15

Level 58
Top ten reasons to live in Cocagne :

1 - Never Work

2 - Zero Taxes

3 - Huge Economic Output
Food is everywhere. Crops grow with no maintenance.

4 - Perfect Grounds for Civilization
The same perfect weather. Not too hot or cold.
Pliny the Elder theorized that the
Mediterranean Civilizations were the most evolved
because it is not too hot or too cold.
Note : Laziness is not accounted.

5 - No War. There is no industry to make weapons. And it is
not needed. Everyone is wealthy. Hunger and basic needs
are the bases of every economy.

6 - With no work, you have more time to work on intellectual

7 - Everyone is equal. Work often creates merit. Everyone can
become artists.

8 - Conflict does not exist. Happiness awaits !

9 - No cooking. It is annoying.

10 - School is not mandatory.
Top ten reasons... [Game] [Cocagne/Cockaigne/]: 9/28/2015 03:48:11

Level 54
Cooking is a very rewarding experience.
Top ten reasons... [Game] [Cocagne/Cockaigne/]: 9/28/2015 06:22:36

Level 36
The guy up here knows what's up
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