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Suggestion: Boots can expire.: 9/27/2015 13:03:59

Cata Cauda
Level 58

This 9 boots will haunt my profile for the rest of my life...

I was rather new to WL, and was not aware of boottimes..so I was out for a few days or so.. came back and saw I was booted 3 times! "Ya fuck you too game" - Went inactive - was booted 6 more times...

So my suggestion is a section where you can see how many times a player was booted in a certain time.
Like "This player has been booted 0 times in the last 30 days" or so.

I think that would really show how active a player is.
Suggestion: Boots can expire.: 9/27/2015 13:37:15

Level 68
Not really necessary in my opinion. As long as its reasonable people dont really take notice.
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