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Tournament-Surrender Uservoice: 9/20/2015 18:33:00

Level 58

Surrender from Tournament at any time.

Option to replace player if it is practice settings. Used by Game/Tournament Creator. Useful to keep tournament going. [1]

1-2 extra players in reserve like in sports. It would make game more competitive. Allows teams to be flexible. There could be rules to make player rotation so everyone plays and fun.

[1] Team game by example.

[2] Option for super mentor tools in practice games could be fun. The mentor can communicate through team chat but not part of team.
Tournament-Surrender Uservoice: 9/20/2015 19:15:18

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Does this mean that people who got booted / surrendered from one game of a Tournament could choose to surrender from the rest of the tournament? that's a decent idea.

I like your Creator Options even more. :)
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