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Tutorial->Guide->Strategy->Mastery of a skill: 9/19/2015 01:55:36

Level 58

Thread about Warlight Gameplay Tutorials, Guides, Strategy and mastering the skill! I often feel short of directing players to somewhere so they could study and understand more of the game than just basics. The idea is to gather together forum threads, written-guides, strategic advice, so knowledge once written would not sink into vagueness. So take that as request thread: Please keep your post short and just share the already written in-depth and elaborated guides, tutorials, strategy corners. So some of us can direct newer players and even average players to advance their tactics.

The first three on the list are the most elaborated Guides written. Dvelve into them and you will certainly learn something. I encourage players to share similar threads and guides here. I will most certainly be interested in them and to share them forward. I think Warlight needs new and better in-depth Guide. Ofcourse regarding the high variables options, functions and their different sums of interconnection and correlations that create numerous play-styles, strategies - I imagine the allround Guide would come in many volumes each thicker than Enyclopedia of Britannica. As our time is limited, its doubtfull someone takes that effort to produce something at that level of quality for free, so lets share what we have and maybe one day someone will write it down. What makes a good guide: A good guide can generalise and look past just single-setting games, yet one that on the same time offer information, whence one can deduce knowledge to put into practice. We can´t write down all possible options player has, but if we can come up with the minimal information that is required, so player can use that in all potential situations and make the best move, then that is all that is required.

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Tutorial->Guide->Strategy->Mastery of a skill: 9/19/2015 02:00:51

Level 59
Sze's and Odin's (potentially same person xD) are by far the most elaborate.
Tutorial->Guide->Strategy->Mastery of a skill: 9/19/2015 02:54:19

Level 56
That's fantastic. Thanks for the thread.

I think it would be also helpful if we have an ongoing mentor scheme or the like, in which any player who wish to advance can ask someone to be its mentor. Have a match. Review after match. Point out the mistakes it make during the match.
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