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Playstation VR: 9/17/2015 01:48:24

Level 58
Is it good or bad ? What advantages and disadvantages has VR technology ? It is good for eyes ?
Playstation VR: 9/17/2015 03:09:12

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Is it good or bad ?

What advantages and disadvantages has VR technology ?

advantages: new form of entertainment. and good for the economy if they get it how they want it.
you could play COD and feel the recoil of the gun, or punch a grunt from halo in the face.
and it doesn't just end there. As always porn will go over to a new technology, technical support will become easier, and a new form of sports.

Disadvantages: I use the doctrine of sic-fi writers for this one. In the TV show Caprica where there is a free illegal server that people do Drugs, shoot each other, and some sacrificial stuff. (only in the first few episodes of the series though). basically we expose more of the youth/ young children to illegal lifestyles.

It is good for eyes ?

last year at E3 a lot of people threw up and didn't feel good.

this year at E3 everyone said it had improved. so by the time it comes out I imagine it won't make you feel bad. (unless you play for hours on end). But you aren't supposed to be that close to a TV.
Playstation VR: 9/17/2015 03:19:17

Level 58
No experience with PlayStation VR personally, but I've worked with and programmed on an Oculus Rift (and will soon own one as well). Assuming PS VR is at least as good as the Rift, you can expect:

- hella realism (it feels like real life- I've wanted to sit down on the virtual chair or climb the virtual stairs)

- probably a risk of motion sickness unless your software (and corresponding hardware) are properly designed)

- 50/50 on whether it'll be groundbreaking or just fall apart

The most important thing from my perspective is how developer-friendly it's going to be. Oculus VR (like Myo and Leap) is what I term "toyware"- great hardware that's got horrible documentation and consequently is very limited in its actual usability. If that's the case for PS VR, then you're probably not going to see much software leverage it well.

Technologically, we've had the hardware to do cool shit like this for years- but it's just been w/in the developer community for a while because leveraging it with proper software is really hard.
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