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Pseudo-Serependity !: 9/17/2015 00:35:03

Level 58
Rules is to write about an invention and give some general facts about the inventor. It can be a scientist or mathematician too.

(~ 150 words for meaningful paragraphs)

Pseudo-Serependity !: 9/17/2015 00:40:47

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Ptolemy, a Greek astrologer (among other things), invented the geocentric model of our solar system. Although he was wrong, he is shown to be a genius if one takes a look at his map. Since the Heavens were perfect in Greek/Roman religion, people have come to think of it comprised of only circles. Using trigonometry, Ptolemy showed how celestial bodies circled around the Earth, and his model can be used with rather impressive accuracy to find the visible planets in their current location. His model would not be debunked until Copernicus.
Pseudo-Serependity !: 9/17/2015 03:07:48

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
If one is interested in the topic, but is concerned about doing someone else's homework, then just follow these simple instructions:

Search for a list of inventors, pick one or more, look them up in Wikipedia, and copy the first 150 words about the inventor that you chose.

It's either useful sharing of information to pass the time, (provided the page isn't being challenged),

or it's the fast way to sound the alarm when the instructor grades the paper. :)
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