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Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 20:27:42

Level 30
Today on Under the Microscope, brought to you by *cough*a mysterious alt*cough*, we take a look at {101st}.

Number of members: 24
Tagline: Rendezvous with Destiny
Created: 9/23/2013

Sister-clan of Lynx and fierce competitors on the clan league, {101st} is currently home to a group of developing and under-the-radar strategic players. Under the new management of Platinum and Firehawk, {101st} have jumped into the fray at the sound of any clan competitions or tournaments. Most members boost solid stats and generally all members are very active.

The current clan page cuts the whole “government/ranks/superiority complex” bullshit (that you often find clogging other clan pages) and gets straight to the point. Brief, concise, and informative; it tells the reader what the clan is all about, what it can offer members, requirements to join, and a point of contact. If you’re a strategic player who is active and can’t get into small exclusive elite clans, then you will appreciate a community like {101st}.

Informative Clan Page: (A)
Clean/Mature Reputation: (B)
Member Benefits: (B+)
Clan Activity: (A-)
Unity/Achievements: (B)
X Factors: (B+)
Overall Clan Quality: [8/10]

*this is just an analysis from myself. feel free to disagree or discuss further about the clan and possible factors about them i may have missed. Who will be the next clan...Under the Microscope?*
Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 20:38:22

Level 57

If anyone is interested please mail me! We want to have a good community that will help each other out! We do tournaments and leagues.. And I personally do anything for you to have the best experiance possible with this clan. I really mean this :)

Shoot me a mail, Be curious and try it out!

Thanks for the thread!
Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 20:40:27

Level 60
FYI, much of Lynx used to be in 101st as Lynx was formed as an elite version of 101st.

Also, it should be noted Apollo started 101st.
Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 21:07:40

Level 30
Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 21:19:18

Level 58
As usual, good work!
Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 21:45:06

Level 59
Firehawk sounds like a really cool person.
Under the Microscope: {101st}: 9/16/2015 21:48:39

Level 30

thx Ox

Edited 9/16/2015 21:48:51
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