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Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 02:37:51

Level 30
Today on Under the Microscope, brought to you by *cough*a mysterious alt*cough*, we take a look at Vitrix Mortalis.

Number of members: 147
Link: http://vitrixmortalis.tumblr.com/
Tagline: Long Live the Empire - LLTE
Created: 2/3/2014

Haunted by a past of hijacks, drama, and forum controversies of the past, Vixtrix Mortalis has done it's best to regroup and move forward as a community. With an emphasis on optional participation, members of various skill-levels and activity-levels are all accepted within the clan. Members are divided into Houses, each with their own leaders. Vixtrix Mortalis is (as the name hints) themed around the Roman Empire, and everything from titles to leadership structure is inspired by the Roman legion and Roman culture.

With virtually no expectations for members, Vixtrix is a great option for casual players that cannot commit full time to the game (ie can't log on once a day). At Vixtrix, the environment is very accepting to all and encourages players to play when they can, without any of the pressures or dedication that you might find in an elite strategic clan. However the policy of optional participation, while great for casual members, has resulted in a high number of inactives for the clan. The clan page, while slightly chunky, does a nice job of conveying the theme, structure, and philosophy (optional particapation) of the community. For beginners to the game and casual diplomacy players, you won't go wrong with Vitrix.

Informative Clan Page: (A-)
Clean/Mature Reputation: (C)
Member Benefits: (B)
Clan Activity: (B-)
Unity/Achievements: (C)
X Factors: (B+)
Overall Clan Quality: [7/10]

*this is just an analysis from myself. feel free to disagree or discuss further about the clan and possible factors about them i may have missed. Who will be the next clan...Under the Microscope?*

Edited 9/16/2015 03:35:55
Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 03:12:39

John Smith
Level 58
Might want to change the clan name in the first line.
Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 03:35:41

Level 30
oh i missed tht! thanks
Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 12:59:19

Level 59

Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 14:33:03

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
Since we're on the topic of its name, here is a fun fact.

It's actually supposed to be spelled 'Victrix Mortalis'. But there was a goof up by Michael when he named the clan.
Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 14:40:07

Level 59
Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/16/2015 23:06:11

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
Loool. Typical of him and his mob.
Under the Microscope: Vitrix Mortalis: 9/23/2015 04:08:42

Level 59
hello :)
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