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Total War saga! and Rp game: 9/7/2013 19:56:18

Level 57
Hi, a couple of days ago Rome 2 total war came out. I am a big fan of the series and I hope many Warlighters are too. Any thoughts please share. I also have a Rome 2map coming out soon :)

To the main point, I have made a role-play game dedicated to total war with interesting features. Aimed at the total war features itself.
Template: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=351735
All the features are below. Rp rules are in the template.

Total War Features:
Reconnaissance Card: Use your agent to spy on enemy territory, However the territory you spy on must be touching a territory that you can see already.
Gift Card: Use this card as part of agreements (Gifts for helping allies is forbidden though)
Sanction Card: Use your agent to sabotage enemies, lowering their income. But remember everyone has sanction cards.
Settlements: Every territory is a settlement which you gain one army from.
Provinces: Is a group of Settlements, gaining you extra armies.
Private chat: You can start diplomacy with factions you've discovered (Reconnaissance). Use diplomacy at your best, as this may win you the game. Declare war at least one turn in advance on Pvc and public if you want.
Transfer and attack only: Military tactics you may need for war.
Heavy Fog: Fog of war, making it more realistic

Major Factions: Rome and Carthage
Control at least 10 provinces of at least 3 settlements.
Maintain at least 70 Units (Armies)
Minor Factions: All Others
Control at least 8 provinces of at least 3 settlements.
Maintain at least 50 units

Future ideas:
Fairness and new rules are being though of, ideas are welcome just pvc me.
Future Features: Local Deployment, you can only recruit in provinces you got armies from.

A: Iceni B:Rome C:Egypt D:Macedonia E:Pontus F:Carthage G:Celtici H:Cimbri I:Crimmeria J:Arverni K:Namnetes L:Selecuid M:Armenia N:Frisii O:Parthia P:Persia Q:Dacia R:Suebi S:Raeti T:Daorsi

If you want to play please ask, 19 spaces left. If you want to be invited to future game please ask me. Future Total War games are: Napoleon, Shogun, Empire, Medieval and others.

If you gave no shit about this post please don't post :) I don't want no hate or trolls. As I'm just sharing my fun, stupid posts will be ignored.
Total War saga! and Rp game: 9/8/2013 22:14:35

Level 55
Total War saga! and Rp game: 9/9/2013 02:50:34

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Please add me to your invite list for these games I'm a huge fan of rp games
Total War saga! and Rp game: 9/9/2013 03:55:25

Level 54
Sure I'll play. Though I've never played a Total War game I hear its pretty sweet... when it doesn't crash because your cpu can't contain how badass it is.
P.S. I guess we're rp'ing the Punic Wars ?
Total War saga! and Rp game: 9/9/2013 11:29:58

Level 55
Hell Bender / Nebu there are three spaces in the game i posted the link to.

Yes Nebu it's set around the Punic wars though Creative change a lot of history in their game so you get things like post Marian Romans fighting well before the Reforms.

Edited 9/9/2013 11:32:07
Total War saga! and Rp game: 9/9/2013 19:20:33

Level 53
If you make another one can i be invited.
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