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The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/14/2015 22:42:57

Level 54

(We bringing the heat today...)
(Talking wreaths, fezzes... all dat sh*t...)
(drop it, DJ)

I am a monster, when I'm on the microphone/
I be a mobster, slip in and rob your home/
Silent assassin, open your nose the crack's in/
Life is always draggin, when you went from to rich to rags in-/

Fifteen solid minutes, from that point I was cashin'/
But my funds were swallowed by that luxury tax, and/
Now I gotta put out a record just to feed myself (that's facts man)/
So I must wonder now, what the hell am I to do?/

Each day, I get barely through/
Call up my friends and they ask "Who/
Is this on the phone with me?"/
I'm obscure now - lost in history/
The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/14/2015 22:49:58

Level 4
Yo I was lead hitman, on cap the Byzantine plan/
My soldiers they believed in me, thought they'd go down in history/
For the year 1453, the walls came tumbling down, you see?
But nobody remembers me, just another name/

All they know about that fateful day, is that another terrorist wilted and passed away/
I'm a castaway, on this island of obscurity/
Invented a cannon in Iran and I was/
Conquering my enemies one by one they fell to me/

But the way it felt to me, to mow down these foes 3-by-3/
Was not extraordinary (eks-chrore-dee-eh-nar-ee)/
There was a hole inside of me, a deep feeling behind of me/
That one day I'd be obscure you see, 'nother face lost in history/
The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/14/2015 22:55:42

Level 4
Julius is the name and politics is the game/
I make a checkmate in Spain, got Crassus to make it rain/
Had Pompey by the chain, Mark Antony led my train/
I fought in every way, killed a thousand every day/

But in the back of my brain, I felt a sudden pain/
I realized it was a knife in my back, a moment I'd surely like to redact/
And when it was time to retract and I turned around/
It was the good Senators, they were the ones to bring me down/

So I sit and ponder now, is this all I'm remembered for?/
A Shakespeare misquote and being a dictator/
I was a cavalry man, an Imperator, on and off the field/
But as for my image in history, it's yet to be healed/
The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/14/2015 23:00:41

Level 54
No I refuse these false truths, as Sherlock would deduce/
I'll carry on the riding through the night and/
I'll refuse to stop till I hit the top, but have i hit the top?/
I'm sorry, but if I wait for the beat to drop/

My heart it just might stop, I swear my life's a flop/
Might as well be a new york cop, the way that I'm atop/
My horse, my voice is hoarse, the beat is drowning/
The ocean fills my lung, the ocean of obscurity/
The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/14/2015 23:08:27

Level 4
*skip to about 2:47*

F*ck it I'm a badass, I did sh*t that would make Stalin jealous, I slaughtered christians just for the religion they believed in and was practicin' but sh*t they'll need some penicillin because my flow's so illin' and your brain's getting a drillin' feel the adrenaline f*ck you need to mellow out here's some ritalin/

Ritalin, Rital-out, Ritalin, Rital-out, I just don't know what this sh*t's about, why's a man got to be forgotten? Like the thousands that picked the cotton or even the first king of Scotland/

But I suppose it's all irrelevant, it's all destined to be/
As I and many other, fade into obscurity/

The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/14/2015 23:13:59

Level 54
Hey. Hope you enjoyed the 4th single of the Gengammubal album. There will be one more, and again, this will be the Genghis solo track for the album. Here are some pictures to go along with a few of the lyrics.

The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/15/2015 01:16:10

Level 54
Tyrion, why are you talking about yourself?
The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/15/2015 17:03:37

Level 58
Loved it!
The Gengammubal Album "Obscure": 9/15/2015 17:36:22

Lolicon love
Level 56
Totally Boss.
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