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New Card suggestions and ideas: 9/10/2015 19:38:09

Level 60
Since the bomb card's been added, I've hoped new cards are coming soon, so I'll drop some ideas off here.

>Multiattack Card
Applies multiattack for the first attack coming out from one territory, works only in games where it's not enable.

Example: Player 1 has 50 armies on territory A and uses the card. The first attack can also be "chained" onto other territories controlled by the enemy. Fog (if on) still applies, so use with caution.

>Explosives Card
Select a territory you control. At the end of the next turn, the territory "explodes", turning it into a neutral 0 army territory no matter who controls it. Enemies are not notified or the explosives' placement.

Example: Player 1 controls Territory A and uses the card on it, Player 2 attacks Territory A. After two turns the territory becomes neutral once again.

>Rush Production Card
Select a bonus. The bonus will produce 2x more armies than usual, but half of it can only be deployed in that bonus (as in Local Deployment).

Example: Player 1 has a bonus worth 3 and uses the card on it. Player 1 can deploy the 3 usual armies anywhere +3 new ones exclusively in that bonus.

>Scout Card
Reveals Fog in every territory 2 moves away from any of your territories.

Example: Player 1 has Territory A, which connects to B, which connects to C. Upon using the card, B and C are revealed as in No Fog level. (Remember that the first territory away from your borders is usually visible for most fog levels)

>Fog Card
M. Poireau's idea was really good, so I encourage that. Link to the thread he suggested it on:

>Sabotage Card
Makes a bonus useless for a turn.

Example: Player 1 uses te card on a bonus worth 6 owned by Player 2. Player 2 will not receive the 6 armies from that bonus for the turn following that of the card.

>Traitor Card
Cancels all enemy attacks from the selected territory.

Example: Player 2 has 30 armies coming your way from Territory A. Player 1 activates the card, and all attacks coming from that territory will be canceled on the attack phase of that turn.


Made this mostly for fun, I don't quite think any of these are to be implemented someday. But we can dream, right?


Edited 9/10/2015 19:38:40
New Card suggestions and ideas: 9/10/2015 20:00:54

Level 58
Wow! I'm impressed, some of these card ideas sound really good. You or someone else should bring it up on Fizzer's next livestream
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