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What makes a good clan page?: 9/9/2015 02:59:30

Level 30
For a player searching for their ideal niche community, what should a good and informative clan page look like? What are some good examples of decent clan pages?
What makes a good clan page?: 9/9/2015 03:29:47

Level 58
If you're going shopping, what makes a good label? It just has to be something that better enables you to make a decision- so the main thing is having information about the "product" (clan).

A lot of clan pages do go somewhere in that direction- for example, y'all say "diplomacy is the preferred game mode for us" or something like that in your page. But that's like trying to pick between Cheerios and Special K after looking at the box and just reading "HEALTHY" or something stupid like that.

There's two steps to making an effective clan: differentiate, then outdo. You want to make both clear on your page. What makes your clan different from most clans? What makes your clan better than any similar clan?
What makes a good clan page?: 9/9/2015 08:07:59

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