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Game analasis: 8/30/2015 20:16:20

Level 62
I heard that I could have won a 1v1 Ladder game against Heyheuhei off picks, but I misplayed the rest. Please explain how I misplayed the game.

Game link: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=9300473.

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Game analasis: 8/30/2015 20:57:51

Level 48
Maybe you should ask your account-sitter.
Imo, after picks you didn't have much of an advantage.
That said, you probably should 've countered Antarctica before taking Greenland.
Game analasis: 8/30/2015 21:13:49

Level 58
The only thing I can see possibly working after that pick stage (I agree with powerpos that you had no advantage after the pick stage- he had intel on your main combo and you just had intel on Antarctica- the least useful kind of intel in this situation- and WR) is going for the FTB in Norway the way you did but also using that 4 down in Australia (maybe deploying 1 army) and countering Antarctica. Then, during Turn 5, you could've deployed (almost?) everything down south, taken out his Antarctica bonus (his only source of income) and temporarily given up on Scandinavia without blockading it or letting him take the whole bonus (just don't burn armies on a pointless defense). Now you have an income advantage and the ability to expand within Australia as well as the ability to cripple him up north. At which point you've got a somewhat "safe" Australia while he's got a safe Mexico but not many places to expand into after that. I think it would still depend on who won the battle in the north.

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Game analasis: 8/30/2015 21:29:59

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
australia way to passive. if you moved it earlier (turn 1-3) you could've countered him and make things more difficult.
Your passivity down there gave him easy pressure on Scand.
Game analasis: 8/30/2015 21:33:08

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
You didnt misplay much. Whoever told you you should win off picks was smoking crack. HHH specifically picked to get the picks he did.
Game analasis: 8/30/2015 21:37:52

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
Listen to timinator.
Game analasis: 8/30/2015 21:40:15

Level 58
And piggy. HHH's pick strategy was very close to perfect in this game.

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Game analasis: 8/30/2015 22:59:40

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
I don't know. His 123 makes misinformation a problem. If he goes for Greenland, then Scand could reach him before he finishes. If he breaks into Scand there could be no one there, or worse, someone in West Russia. Double pick Africa + West Russia is a bit weird for HHH, lots of room for him to misplay that by killing neutrals searching for his opponent. Like Timi said, Australia can be played much better.

HHH picked so he could get 1/2/5. If he gets 1/2/5, he wins. If he gets 1/3/4 with no one in WR he wins. If he gets 1/2/6, he wins. If he gets 1/3/6, things are weird, but he should still win. He does not necessarily win in 1/2/3, 1/2/4, 1/3/5, 1/4/5, 2/3/4, 2/3/5, 2/3/6.

So yeah can't call them close to perfect.

Edited 8/30/2015 23:01:30
Game analasis: 8/30/2015 23:35:40

master of desaster 
Level 65
i think ignoring scandinavia and going directly for greenland might be smart in that Situation. with an earlier use of the australia Counter you would win in that Scenario imo
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