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Improvement: Player Slots: 8/26/2015 02:36:35

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
*If we are already able to see what I'm complaining about, please point me to the answer immediately.*

So I have been playing a few roleplay games lately. They are pretty fun, and I wasn't aware that they were so popular, but one problem I have seen is that we are not able to see which slot each player joined the game in. Whatever slot one is put into upon joining determines what that player roleplays as, but during the game, we are not able to see the slots we belong in and I know that I forget everyone else's role.

I would like to see an option in the menu where we are able to see the slots that we belong in, or maybe it could appear near our names at the right side of the screen, or even in the "Players" tab that already exists in the menu. Example:

Slot A: SuchAndSuch
Slot B: This Guy
Slot C: What's His Face

I want to be able to see that during games, and not just before it starts. Please.
Improvement: Player Slots: 8/26/2015 02:47:02

Level 60
In the game, go to Menu. Settings. (Scroll down to Distribution Mode, Unless it is Highlighted). Click "Custom Scenario".

I know, it is not perfect. But it works :)

Edited 8/26/2015 02:48:16
Improvement: Player Slots: 8/26/2015 02:55:47

Level 57
Hey Martian :)

Before mentioning any idea It is worth-while uservoicing it. Let people vote on it.

You won't get your change just discussing about it.

You need to put a marker making demand for the change.

Actions speak louder than words..

Hope that helps..

Edited 8/26/2015 03:01:16
Improvement: Player Slots: 8/26/2015 03:58:02

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
TBest, you da best! I don't know why it doesn't have a better name than "custom scenario," but as long as I know it is there, I can no longer complain

Platinum, thanks for the advice. I'll try that if I ever stumble out of the Off-topic forum again.
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