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A list of dishonorable men: 8/16/2015 16:27:51

Level 16
I propose the creation of a list of dishonorable men and add the first member.

-jsmith01 [https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=1452541917] By lying in chats and form secret alliances with the sole purpose of winning a game of dishonorable way and breaking the rules of war [https: / /www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=9288928].

I await your proposals. We must not accept dishonorable people in our wars, in our game!

Edited 8/16/2015 16:28:09
A list of dishonorable men: 8/16/2015 16:48:14

Level 55
There is one word in the public chat. Also, this is fine to me. If you want no secret alliances, don't enable private messanging - then he's in the wrong.
A list of dishonorable men: 8/16/2015 16:59:29

Level 60
Hmmm...all's fair in love & war? The purpose is to win the game, which requires a breaking of alliance at some point. Anticipate. Of course, if he did something dastardly, you won't ever ally with him again.
A list of dishonorable men: 8/16/2015 19:30:30

Level 57
What's with people creating these threads to try and create a public shaming list of various users?

Warlight is a (relatively) diverse community. If someone does/says something you don't like, blacklist them if they've repulsed you that much. Anyone who does something truly horrible will be banned eventually.

Edited 8/16/2015 19:30:53
A list of dishonorable men: 8/17/2015 06:54:11

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
I have looked at the game in question...

there is only one word spoken in the public chat: Kasenn: Yellow?

and the definition of private chat is that only the people in the chat can see the messages, so unless you upload screen shots, or copy the text at a bare minimum, there is nothing more to say about the contents of the your private chats with Yellow and Blue.

Жұқтыру, in most cases, I would agree with the position that secret deals between strangers are not worth banning. The main reason that I believe that secret deals shouldn't be forbidden among strangers is that they can't be stopped by rules alone. One can always send a message to a player's WarLight Inbox.

It is interesting that such a small map has Abandon Cards, and that the high level Yellow player plays for several turns after he is clearly unable to stop Blue in North America...

Further, no way does a high level player who is ready, willing, and able to win intentionally choose Europe to start in...

Clearly, Kasenn was used to get Blue a win... maybe Blue is an alt of Yellow, maybe Blue is a friend of Yellow, but it's pretty clear that Kasenn was used in a scam to get Blue a win.

Eklipse, Not necessarily...

The following categories in our clan list are not something that will get anyone banned by WarLight, but which ruins the experience of their teammates or even anyone in the respective game:

Bad team etiquette
abandoning teammates without warning, joining multiple tournaments only to get booted.

Boot-happy play
(attempting to win by boot.)

Poor diplo etiquette (may include other offenses)
(The ruining of diplomacy games intentionally, but in ways that don't break other rules, such as the rules against harassment, which are often irrelevant.)

Game delaying
(attempting to win by boot.)

Further, our clan-wide blacklist provides us the opportunity to act swiftly on matters that are against the rules, like harassment, cheating, etc.
A list of dishonorable men: 8/18/2015 03:00:23

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Anyone who makes public shaming threads goes on the list.
A list of dishonorable men: 8/18/2015 03:20:34

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
By all means, add me to your list. :D

I look forward to not having to bother with people who support scamming for points.
A list of dishonorable men: 8/18/2015 03:31:00

The Dark Knight
Level 34
Everyone in warlight should be on the list for their support of antiblackness.
A list of dishonorable men: 8/18/2015 03:41:56

Level 58
I don't support the visible spectrum. It would better to see the radio waves. They are very long so should be easy.

Physicists detect the radio waves with light. 2014 news and actual long waves. My life is complete.

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A list of dishonorable men: 8/20/2015 00:48:55

Level 15
Dishonorable for ones can be honorable for others...
A list of dishonorable men: 8/20/2015 00:57:44

[AICA] Sir DJAwesomeness
Level 20
I know a name I'd like to add to the list (even though I'm not sure whether or not he plays WarLight): Donald Trump. :P
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