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1 v 1 Analysis: 8/8/2015 09:22:55

Level 35

Just finished this game and as a new player, it would be really good to hear peoples opinions on it and how I could improve in the future.
1 v 1 Analysis: 8/8/2015 09:58:34

Level 58
My analysis (on Ghys):

Your picks- Better than the other guy who picked in big bonuses.
Turn 1- Should've deployed 5 to either South Pole or Finland to secure two territories in the bonus(es), plus you should've only done the first 3v2 but on those settings it's unpredictable
Turn 2- Very lucky to capture Antarctica with that 3v2 (4v2's and 2v1's always work)
Turn 3- Didn't need to attack Thailand with 3, could've used that spare army for defense
Turn 4- Deploying 4 to Siple and 7 to Norway would've been better
Turn 5- Couldn't have done that better
Turn 6- Nice job on depleting his stack on Svalbard
Turn 7- Good defense again
Turn 8- Very, very lucky not to have Norway attacked
Turn 9- Capturing South America was a good move
Turn 10- Shouldn't have expanded in Indonesia (TIP: Look in the history to see what bonuses have Wastelands)
Turn 11- Continuation of expanding into Indonesia is a waste of troops
Turn 12- While you have a superior income to him, he is in the better position
Turn 13- You successfully attack America, but your opponent is in a great position to take Europe, Scandinavia and West Russia
Turn 14- Good pressure placed on West America. Your opponent however is poised to take the three bonuses mentioned earlier
Turn 15- A nice blockade ensures your opponent has equal income to you, Canada is in a bad position too
Turn 16- You break the Canada bonus, while your opponent secretly expands in the East US
Turn 17- You both play OP cards, you should've attacked the stockpile of 16, as it would've prevented the big blockade. Unlucky not to capture West US
Turn 18- You now both have similar incomes, although you should take Greenland away in 2 turns
Turn 19- You appear to trap your opponent in America and Greenland, good work!
Turn 20- East US is seemingly covered. However your opponent defends Greenland nicely
Turn 21- Your opponent used his cards better to give your income a big blow, and set up a chance to go through Asia
Turn 22- You get your bonus back, and make sure Greenland is under threat. However, your SE Asia bonus is threatened
Turn 23- Don't discard cards unless you are sure you will win. Lucky not to have SE Asia broken
Turn 24- You both break bonuses, but you have an advantage by being at a territory surrounding 3 bonuses, hence why you won.

Attack with 4v2s and 2v1s. Sometimes 3v2s will work, BUT only do 1v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s if you want the achievements (I have them all)
Secure threatened bonuses
Pick in bonuses worth 3 or 4, and ones without Wastelands. Also, don't expand in any bonus with Wastelands, unless you have enough income to take them down

Apart from that you did a nice job. Someone would give a better analysis than this IMO
1 v 1 Analysis: 8/8/2015 22:59:21

Level 35
Wow thats really intense analysis and really useful, thanks so much for spending the time to do it. Hopefully I can learn a few things from this game and remember them for the future.
1 v 1 Analysis: 8/9/2015 00:06:35

Good Kid 
Level 56
Not reading Ryz's analysis, as I don't want it to give me any sort of bias when watching the game and commenting on it myself:

West US is your only bad pick.

I'd probably have gone with:

1. Greenland
2. Canada
3. Southeast Asia
4. Antarctica
5. South America
6. West Africa

Turn 1: Fine, multiple ways to play this turn that enable a potential turn 2 11 income, this is one of them.
Turn 2: Bad. You'd need to deploy 3 in Antarctica to try 2 3v2's there, and 3 in SEA to try 2 3v2's there. You can't do both, so don't do 3v2's, do 4v2's in one of them to ensure you finish a bonus this turn. Which one isn't hugely important, but I'd pick Antarctica so you can check South America to see if he is there. Don't attack with 2v2's.
Turn 3: No need to deploy to Myanmar, take 2 2v1's, deploy more in Scandi and you keep Svalbard.
Turn 4: Don't gamble on card pieces. Reinforcement cards matter too much to do that when not absolutely necessary.
Turn 5: 3v1's are unnecessary, 2v1 has 100% chance of success.
Turn 6: Again, don't do 2v2's, they're a waste of armies, and set you back on card pieces. Not actually sure at this point how you could win, you're behind and should lose.
Turn 8: Don't do 5v4's, they have 0% chance of success. Don't even do 6v4's IMO unless absolutely needed (6v4 succeeds 60% of the time). From here on out you win because opponent isn't aggressive enough. He has an early income lead, but no safe expansion, to win he needs to aggressively shove his income down your throat and eliminate you in Scandinavia. He doesn't, thus you win.

Later on there's too much guesswork for there to be easily identifiable optimal moves in long drawn out games, but if you play turns 1-4 right, games don't tend to last long. The early turns are what decide games 9 times out of 10.

Example, my last 10 wins:

10 turns
3 turns
6 turns
11 turns
6 turns
7 turns
10 turns
4 turns
13 turns
10 turns

Average length = 8 turns

Edited 8/9/2015 00:11:58
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