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Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 02:50:56

Level 56
My life just got a little bit better....


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Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 03:20:53

Level 55
No, it didn't.
I mean the least offence by this, but only complete fools (which are a majority) are fooled by trailers that don't actually have any footage of the product.
Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 04:25:53

Level 56
Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 05:20:10

Level 54
I didn't even look at the trailer and your other link, but it sounds like just an average Open-World game.
Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 06:10:42

Des {TJC}
Level 58
Ugh, dissapointed with the gameplay :(

Wanna know what -does- look good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyKWUTwSYAs

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Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 06:12:22

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
Seems Alot like gta.
Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 16:43:43

Level 40
It's no longer a mafia game. This is GTA: New Orleans at best
Holy Shit....: 8/7/2015 17:20:55

Scorched Earth 
Level 49
The responses are rather...dumb.

Any modern-day open-world game is "GTA at best"?

Mind you: GTA is great. The implication otherwise from Lawlz makes little sense, since the GTA series is far more popular than the Mafia series, so being more like GTA hardly seems like a downgrade.

There's also not nearly enough information about the game to to make dumb statements like "It's no longer a mafia game.". The implication is clear, you think it sold out to gain mass appeal and garner increased sales, and in doing so sacrificed what made you like the previous games. The problem is you know fuck all about the game, but are unfortunately the type of person who doesn't like something for its quality so much as for its niche-ness. You try to hard to be different, always have from what I've witnessed on these forums, so when something you previously liked seems likely to gain mass appeal you feel the need to shirk it and claim you liked it before it got popular, but now it's "unworthy" and being a fan of it now isn't "exclusive" or hip enough.

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