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Review my game: 8/3/2015 23:01:58

Captain Crunch
Level 48
I'm very new to the real time ladder and i was hoping if a few of the better players could give me some critique on my game. I know i made a lot of errors so if someone could point out some improvements i could make i would greatly appreciate it.

Review my game: 8/3/2015 23:14:40

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Mostly it seems that all your picks were coutners.

i would of Gone for the FTB in SEA and a counter in Africa.

Edited 8/3/2015 23:16:00
Review my game: 8/3/2015 23:55:15

Level 60
I thought you had lost the game. I was wondering from the picks through the entire game how you managed to lose.... You won :\

Anyways, first off: Make 6 picks, not 5. Second: Why did you pick West China? With SEA, EC and CR open it seems very dangerous to go for West China, it is likely to be countered.

In the first 3 turns I don`t see anything really wrong, although expanding in West China seems a bit risky.

Turn 4: Your move from South Africa to Kenya (East Africa) should have been a transfer only, so that you wouldn`t lose those armies like you did now.

Turn 5-6 seem fine

Turn 7: You had quite an army advantage and probably a income advantage, why did you do so risky in Africa. I`m not sure what the absolute top players say but I would have done two things different: 1) I would not have attacked Sudan. It is the most obvious territory to be attacked. It is quite likely that most armies will be on that territory. I would have attacked Kenya for example (but with fewer armies, like 6 or 7) and 2) I would have attacked a second territory so that in the case my attack failed I wouldn`t get eliminated (or at least lower the chance of getting eliminated). I think Cameroon would be the safest spot to go as defending that with many armies doesn`t seem to serve him any purpose.

Your elimination in Africa made this game needlessly hard for you, but it still seems that you`ll win this. You got intel, he has none.

Turn 8-9 are ok

Turn 10: Why so much on Murmansk (West Russia)? Why bother taking Hong Kong and why attack Shanghai with 5. Why take Afghanistan? It all costs armies. You could`ve expected him to be in the Middle East and most likely to take Iran this turn. If he takes Iran, you are going to get a hard time. Attack it hard. You attacked it with 9, you could`ve attacked it with 20. If he was a decent player he would have expected you to be in SEA and he probably would`ve gone quite hard into Iran. Attacking with only 9 armies seems dangerous to me.

Turn 12: Why did you deploy into Murmansk. He isn`t even in Scandinavia, so there is no danger to that territory. Wouldn`t deploying it on Moscow or Iran seem smarter?

After that no big mistakes where made.

Tbh, you are lucky that your enemy wasn`t good. Your pick in West China would normally cost you the game. And even if an experienced player where to pick like alpha did, then I think they still could`ve caused you a lot of trouble in turn 10 and possibly turning the game around.

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Review my game: 8/3/2015 23:59:59

Level 60
Terible picks, terible play by both. No positive feedback from me, life sucks
Review my game: 8/4/2015 02:01:34

Captain Crunch
Level 48
thanks for the help guys.
Review my game: 8/4/2015 02:16:03

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
good use of leftover armies but picks were not great
blockade in africa was not needed,you had won the game there itself
also you should aim for getting 2 digit income in 0 luck game in 2 turns if possible,if you know your opponent has less income but is pressuring you,then you can defend and expand slowly
try to make such picks that give you early income as well as good map control
and as min34 said,always make 6 picks in a 3 picks 1v1 game
i myself would've picked central america,west russia,central russia,west africa,east africa and indonasia in that order
Review my game: 8/4/2015 13:14:09

Level 59
Put this game in this Captain (People not in AWF shouldn't be able to see it)


Your main mistake was the blockade in Africa, like Ryrio said you already won the game on picks. You played well and luckily you didn't end up with a random. You might have actually expanded too much, bonuses like Europe or East Russia take a long time to pay off.

Also, here's an equation for how many picks you should make:

Amount of Players in the game * Amount of territories each one receives

This way, you have a 0% chance of getting a random pick, trust me, it is worth the effort.

The best way to get better is to play people that are better than you. I'm like 3-8 against jz and he has taught me a ton. Invite me to a game if you want.
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