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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 17:39:03

Level 58
Definition of Populaire :

Being known by many people.

Definition of Popular :

Being known and/or loved by many people.


The English language is #$%^^#!

Who wants to write a letter to the American Linguists to make popular as : "Being Known" only ?

The latin root is populus and it means people. There is no other root as passion or love in the word. It confuses me greatly.

Source :

Or at least a better definition should be made.

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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 17:50:52

Level 55
Both are fake, traitor English words, anyway.
Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 17:56:11

Level 58

Linguistically, if you have impopular :

It could mean : not known a lot.

It could mean : know a lot and hated.

This is weird.

The Grand Robert will help us all. :)
Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 18:24:51

Level 58
I mean you have word famous.

It can be used : a famous criminal.

But there is also word infamous. It means both FAMOUS and NEGATIVE POPULARITY as in EVIL.

All those words are weird. :(

Why have infamous when it is not the complete opposite ?


I guess all my dictionaries are rigged. I will make a complaint.

Crap. Google Search gives me thousands of results of complaints on the words famous and infamous.

Linguists should return to their word roots instead of changing the orthography of words.

Edit : HELP ME !!!!! I am so lost. Everything I knew is wrong.

Even politicians seem to complain. :/

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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 19:00:47

Level 58
French :

Fameux :

1) Big reputation (good or bad).

2) (Irony) That made a lot of fuss. This is the famous day where I put my shoes wrongly (swapped them) and was laughed by everyone when arriving in the school.

3) Remarkable, Extraordinary. Very Good or Very Bad. This movie is famously bad, I couldn't watch it. My wife/husband cooks famous food.

4) Not famous. Not very good. The examens are not famous in school. No one likes them.

Roots : famosus, fama (renommée /fame)

Infamant :

1) Bad for your reputation and honor.

Stealing from your neighbors is "infamant".

Roots : Infamer, infamare (dishonor).

Infame :

1) Low and despicable.

2) Odious. Against the law.

3) Odious. Detestable.

4) Repugnant. Disgusting.

Roots : Infamis, fama (fame)

The french words make more sense. I wonder if there is an infame equivalent in english.

You have one word for reputation (fame). And the other word for breaking the law, being a mean person and doing very very wrong things.

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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 19:06:28

Level 58
Populaire :

4) Loved by a large amount of persons by THE people. (Le Peuple/The populace).

This is definition 4 so it is not important. :)

Impopulaire :

1) Hated by a large amount of persons by THE people. (Le Peuple/The populace).

Do my English dictionaries suck ? The English definitions for some words are very confusing and unclear.

Is there an English The Grand Robert ?


Wiktionary English Definition :

Common among the general public; generally accepted. [from 15th c.]  [quotations ▼]
(law) Concerning the people; public. [from 15th c.]
Pertaining to or deriving from the people or general public. [from 16th c.]  [quotations ▼]
(obsolete) Of low birth, not noble; vulgar, plebian. [16th-17th c.]  [quotations ▼]
Aimed at ordinary people, as opposed to specialists etc.; intended for general consumption. [from 16th c.]  [quotations ▼]
(obsolete) Cultivating the favour of the common people. [16th-18th c.]  [quotations ▼]
Liked by many people; generally pleasing, widely admired. [from 17th c.]  [quotations ▼]
Adapted to the means of the common people; cheap. [from 19th c.]

The before last definition is actually the exact to use if you want to say : Popular "Person".

I don't understand why it doesn't have populos as In the PEOPLE (Common people, populace). I am sure that if it is something popular among the scientists, it doesn't necessarily make it widely known.

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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 20:17:57

[EIC] Cade
Level 45
Sorry, but what is your problem?
Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 20:42:14

Level 58
Because I am a grammarian.


This guy is UNIVERSITY, Degrees in everywhere, Consultant and everything. Other search results with my secret google keywords give the same results. Everyone complains about famous and infamous along with popular and unpopular. They were already many proposals including political figures to improve the Country United States and the English Language.
Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 20:43:23

Level 58
It's not like there's a committee that sits around and decides how English works. Languages develop based on usage. English is messy because it's been used by some very disparate groups. All you can do is use the language the way you want others to.
Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 20:45:39

Level 58
There is still some people with linguists degrees complaining about the word Infamous that is used as synonym to Famous.

It is an issue to discuss. :)

Word roots all the way or either delete a word and make a new one.

In Quebec, it is : Office québécois de la langue française.

It has an online site with the official definitions of words. It is also very very nice and fun to use. :)

There is a teacher that wrote an open letter with other people to protest against dumb propositions as the removal of all y(s) because it has the same sound as i.

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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/1/2015 20:58:07

Level 58
Also, didn't you heard about the act by Edgard Goodwin that makes pi = root of 2 in all manuals for some 50-100 years ?

Indiana Bill Act...

And as it is now the official scientific truth, no one can argue about that.

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Popular or Populaire (?): 8/2/2015 22:58:20

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
English sucks, I have to say.
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