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Not connected Territory Islands: 7/20/2015 05:05:32

Level 57
Theoretical question!

  • Is it allowed to create and upload a map where all territories are not connected as whole. Meaning like Territory Islands* (closed islands), which cannot be accessed, if player has not any territories at particual Island. In real term game situation it might lead to draw!
  • Is it even possible or MapEditor would not permit me making it public?
  • Or can I at least play them as a Test rounds?

I have not made any custom scenarios, but as far as I understand its not possible to edit map in that way. I can only write guidelines to play. I can simulate this situation or gameplay via custom scenario or just making connection but altering it with bonuses: like -X income. I just find it more convenient to make a map with the particular game-style I have in mind rather than work with altering other functions (custom scenario and Bonus alteration). Even if it only would be a Test map, as I can play it there and invite - is it possible?

If it is not allowed or impossible? What´s the main problem? Giving too much power to map-creating (even if the description would be clear and map understandable) or just the risk of false-tricky map making for Lottery and rigged setting hosts? Or the possibility of Endless Draw that might be the caused by the lack of decency here? Although basically I can create those games with work-arounds like mentioned above scenario and bonus alteration it would be nice to have particual map.

Thank you in advance for your reply Fizzer!

*Everyone is free to steal the idea in Template and Map version :)
Not connected Territory Islands: 7/20/2015 05:12:45

Level 56
You could make a test map, yes. No one will check your map until you try to publish it. Seems unusual idea, but I would like to know more.

I'm not sure if Warlight requirements would allow it though. Only way to find out is to draw it and try to test it.


I just attempted to make a map like you propose (I made two islands of 3 territories each) and received this message: "3 Territories are not connected to the rest. Please ensure all territories are reachable."

So it looks like this is not possible, even for just testing.

Edited 7/20/2015 05:46:07
Not connected Territory Islands: 7/20/2015 05:41:49

Level 58
You mean, like this map?: https://www.warlight.net/Map/155-Europe-Challenge-Map

Specifically referring to the "airlift" territories in the top left quadrant.
Not connected Territory Islands: 7/20/2015 05:59:34

Level 57
Yes Fizzers term "Isolated territories" would describe it good. But the Islands to be in distribution, with bonuses etc. Think of like two maps which are not connected or east-coast and west-coast and not being connected anyhow. Thus far I have played with only the method I described above: either scenario or huge negative bonus income. Its quite interesting to play it either witouth card or gift-airlift function.
If its not allowed, but I can play it in Test then I know i wont waste my time making one. But If its allowed it would be more convenient and maybe someone would like to use-create it as well.
But I fear Fizzer would like to keep clean line between Standard game and Scenario, Diplo-Role and other modes different from Standard settings. One solution would be to add Filter-Trigger in map section like: altered, rigged whatever name to lable it, so everyone would understand it is not standard map. Like we have for Scenario and Lottery. Although rules like clear border-connections, understandability should be required of every map.

Thanks Number836 for testing! Well then its the old way forward :(

Edited 7/20/2015 06:00:38
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