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Discussing the Exploitian of Children For Sex: 7/16/2015 02:18:55

Tyrion Lannister
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Child sex slavery is on the rise in America, and few are discussing it. Sure, you can find out all about it on google, but it never makes the news.

The disturbing thing is how easy it is to find, and how common it is. There are hundreds of thousands of child prostitutes and child sex slaves in the US.

This is really especially concerning to me as I (in my old neighborhood up in NY) met girls (under 13) that would prostitute themselves, willingly, for older girls just because of peer pressure. In America, sexuality has gone above and beyond. Sure, people have the right to express themselves, but the law really needs to track down on this- and dirty cops. Some teen chatting websites are frequented mostly by young girls looking to sell themselves to older men (in the UK and US).

This is really disturbing, and more people need to know.

Also, some are using the internet to extort child porn from young children (boys and girls). They befriend them, ask for a normal pick, then use it to find the child's or teens location and threaten to kill them unless they give up nude photos.

This must receive more attention.
Discussing the Exploitian of Children For Sex: 7/16/2015 03:13:02

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Child prositutes aren't rare.. because

In Brazil WC 2014, Child prositutes were documented in several TV programmes.. Some just traveled for this..

So it's a problem, That needs dealing with. Sooner rather than later! :)

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Discussing the Exploitian of Children For Sex: 7/20/2015 20:53:41

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60 minutes Australia - Westminster UK - high level child abuse exposé
YouTube‎ - 22 hours ago
Courtesy of Australia's Channel 9, broadcast in Australia on 18/7/2015 - disturbing allegations of child abuse and cover ups at the highest level ...

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