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Frequently Asked Questions about Warzone Idle


[edit] How can I inspect a territory without conquering it?

Inspect one of its neighbors, such as a territory you own or a fogged territory, then click "connections list" and select it from the list.

[edit] Why is it slow?

Warzone Idle is meant to be played in short sessions throughout your day, not in one sitting. Feel free to take a break, and come back in an hour or two. Your armies will accumulate even when you're offline.

[edit] Yes, but even then it's taking forever!

Be sure to upgrade your army camps! Army camps are where you will get most of your armies. Also be sure to get the techs that increase your army camp production, and purchase all mercenaries.

If you can't afford to do all this, see the next question.

[edit] How do I get money faster?

You'll get most of your money by selling items that are made by your crafters. Be sure to keep your smelters and crafters active -- anytime they are waiting for resources, you are losing out on potential money. In general, the longer it takes to craft an item, the better investment it is, so try to keep your crafters on the slowest recipes as much as possible.

Be sure to sell off any items or ore that you don't need for techs or your smelters. Selling stuff is important for maximizing money generation.

[edit] Why is there waiting?

The recommended way to play is to check in every once in a while and re-invest your profits while you're doing other stuff. With this strategy, there's virtually no waiting involved in playing Warzone Idle.

[edit] I'm out of mercenaries and all I have left to spend money on is army camps!

A common mistake players make is buying mercenaries too early.

Think of it this way: You're spending some money on mercenaries and some money on army camp upgrades. Buying mercenaries gives you armies immediately, but buying army camp upgrades gives you armies over time. Therefore, it's far better to do those army camp upgrades first and buy the mercenaries later, so your camp upgrades have more time to produce armies. Upgrading army camps when a level is almost complete is not an efficient plan.

When to buy mercenaries is a balancing act and there's no sure-fire rules on when to do it. Ideally, you want to be purchasing your last mercenaries to conquer the last territory on the map.

The speed at which you progress through Warzone Idle is based on your strategy, so if things are going too slow you should try revisiting your play style.

[edit] Any more tips?

Once you have a bunch of AP upgrades, you should consider going back and playing previous levels again. You'll be able to clear them much more quickly than the first time, and you can earn some extra AP this way. Each level gives 25% less AP each time you beat it, so it's best to defeat each level a few times then move on.

[edit] Cheating

Any attempts to cheat will result in your Warzone account being banned (along with any of your alts). Do not attempt to modify the game data, modify your system clock, or automate the game in any fashion except as provided within the game's normal UI. You have been warned.

[edit] Syncing Between Devices

See Warzone Idle Syncing

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