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This page describes how Warzone Idle saves your progress. This is relevant if you play Warzone Idle from multiple devices or from multiple browsers while signed into the same Warzone account. It can also be relevant if you play in private browsing windows or have software installed that clears your browser local storage.

You should never play Warzone Idle from two devices or browsers at the same time. Doing so could cause data loss.

This is because the app saves to the server every time you close the app and every 10 minutes if you keep it open that long. If you have it open in multiple places, the latest save will overwrite the earlier save, causing you to lose progress. If you try to open the game in two tabs of the same browser, you'll get a warning to save you from this data loss. However, if you try to play on different devices or different browsers, this safety net is not present and you can lead to data loss.

You can also force the game to sync. In the Unity app (iOS, Android, Standalone) you can find a Sync button by clicking the head icon in the top right. In the web-based version, you can force a sync with the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+G.

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