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The app saves to the server every 10 minutes, so if you switch devices you could go back in time by up to that amount (or longer if you were playing without an internet connection).

If you need to switch the device you're playing a Warzone Idle game on, the safest way is to follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're signed into your Warzone account on the current device, and that both devices have active internet connections.
  2. On the current device, force it to save by pressing the Sync button. On the iOS and Android app, you'll find Sync by pressing the head in the top right corner. On the website, you can force a sync with the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+G.
  3. After activating the sync, wait a few seconds to ensure it completed, then close Warzone Idle on this device.
  4. Run Warzone Idle on the destination device. If it's not up to date, activate sync on the destination device (instructions are in step 2).

After following these instructions, the destination device will be at the same point on the new device. If you need to go back to the old one, follow these instructions again.

NOTE: If your destination device is running Warzone version 5.00.6 or older, there are some bugs with switching devices. To check the version go to the Help menu and scroll to the bottom. If you're on 5.00.6 or older, before starting the switch, you should clear your local storage on the destination device. To clear your storage on Android, go to Home -> Settings -> Apps -> Warzone -> Clear Data. To clear your storage on iOS, delete the app and then re-install from the app store.

Make sure you're never running Warzone Idle on two devices at once (this includes two tabs or browser windows).

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