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The Roleplaying game type is a user created "custom" game in which players are expected to take on the role of a character or leader from the game's scenario or, in other words, role play. Due to the roleplay, sometimes the aim of players may not be to win in the traditional sense of conquering all their enemies. The scenario largely dictates how the game is to be played.

[edit] Gameplay

Common roleplay aspects may include the following:

[edit] Scenarios

Scenarios (not to be confused with the Custom Scenario option in the Create Game menu) are designed by the host to give players a context in which to roleplay. This should include things such as time period, world, scope and roles. These parameters give players the guidelines with which to play the game.

Optional rules for RP (roleplay) games include diplomacy, also known as diplo, public enemy, Old English (or any other language, dialect or accent, just for fun).


While Diplo is often part of an RP game (or vice versa) the two do not need to go hand in hand. In other words, both types are not mutually exclusive though they do not need to be paired together. Many players often conflate these two aspects of game play and this causes confusion among players who do not carefully read the game description and rules.


Common settings are "no fog" or "slight fog". This allows players to interact with each other more and build the RP aspect of the game. Cards included in the game are determined by the host to fit the RP. For example, a scenario taking place in the year 1000 A.D. may have little or no airlift cards to represent the difficulty of travel at the time.

Time and Booting

More often than not RP games are Multi-Day games in order to fully allow players to negotiate and play their roles. It is important that very developed games in which players hold key roles or positions in the game not use auto-boot. Often, players should also wait to boot, giving extra time to players whose booting would disrupt the balance of the game.

Custom Scenarios

Hosts of RP games are also encouraged to create custom scenarios. This allows hosts to choose starting points which may be necessary for the scenario.

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