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Superbonuses are generally described as any bonus containing smaller bonuses. A common example is continent bonuses when there are country bonuses within that continent.

[edit] General function

Superbonuses are meant to make maps more interesting. For example, on a map where there are 4 countries that contain 50 territories each, you could distribute the bonuses in the following three ways:

  • You could make every country a bonus. These bonuses are hard to capture and to defend, and the person who gets one first is likely to win the game because of the high army count.
  • You could divide every country in 5-10 smaller bonuses, that are easier to capture and defend. In this scenario you can capture bonus after bonus once you have a good income and snowball through all players who have less income.
  • You could make two layers of bonuses: the country bonus and the smaller bonuses. The smaller ones are often named "Northwestern X" and such, but if there are better administrative divisions available they should give the names, as they are easier to distinguish. But when working with multiple layers, you must make several adjustments to make the map more balanced and eye-appealing.

[edit] Bonus colors

When dealing with superbonuses, you generally want either the large or the smaller bonuses to show their color to the territories, but not both in a scrambled way. This could happen when creating a map and not making the bonuses in the correct order. To re-color a group of territories to a different bonus they belong to, follow these steps.

  1. Select the territories you want to re-color. This can easily be done by clicking on the bonus link on the map, this selects them all.
  2. Search the list to your left for the bonus you want not to be seen.
  3. Double-click the check-box.
  4. Now the color should have moved to the background.

As for the color itself, there are map-makers who prefer to make the superbonus green, and make the small bonuses vary from light to dark green, or with any other color. This can be helpful to recognize the superbonus quickly, and to aim to complete it easier.

[edit] Army number

If you are making a map with superbonuses, you are likely to apply the same army-to-territory ratio as you have done in your other bonuses. For example, if you have all your bonuses where the army number is the number of territories times 0,75 (save extraordinary factors like placement or importance), you can't use the same ratio for the superbonus and the underlying bonuses. If you do so, it all adds up when someone has all of it to 1,5 times the number of territories. You should lower the number of armies so it all adds up to the ratio you have in mind.

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