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Powers are a feature in Warzone Idle. They give one-off benefits.

[edit] Obtaining Powers

Powers are scattered around each level, and can be obtained when the corresponding territory is conquered. If the player is already holding 5 of that type of power, the power will remain on the map and can be claimed when the player has capacity. Note that a given territory's power can only be claimed two times, and this does not reset on ascending or super-ascending.

Other ways to obtain powers include:

  • Daily Bonus
  • Daily Spin
  • Clan Wars
  • Special packs
  • Purchasing with coins.

[edit] Power effects

  • Time Warp
  • Supercharge Army Camp
  • Supercharge Mine
  • Free Cache
  • Market Raid
  • Fog Buster
  • Inspire Mercenaries
  • Skip Level
  • Multi Level

[edit] Superpowers

Winning Hardened Ursa:Luna gives the player the ability to use Superpowers. Superpowers consume 5 of one type of power but give 10x the effect.

Of note:

  • Supercharge Army Camp and Supercharge Mine have their duration multiplied by 10 (i.e. 20x production for 50/100 minutes).
  • Inspire Mercenaries obtains 10x the mercenaries from one mercenary camp.
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