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Warzone players may select from 24 standard different colors to represent themselves. There is no default color, as the sign-up page randomly selects a color each time it is loaded.

This page lists the colors along with the hex-codes that represent them.

[edit] Standard Colors

  •      59009D Purple
  •      FF7D00 Orange
  •      606060 Dark Gray
  •      FF697A Hot Pink
  •      00FF8C Sea Green
  •      009B9D Teal
  •      AC0059 Dark Magenta
  •      FFFF00 Yellow
  •      FEFF9B Ivory
  •      B70AFF Electric Purple
  •      FF00B1 Deep Pink
  •      4EFFFF Aqua
  •      008000 Dark Green
  •      FF0000 Red
  •      00FF05 Green
  •      94652E Saddle Brown
  •      FF4700 Orange Red
  •      23A0FF Light Blue
  •      FF87FF Orchid
  •      943E3E Brown
  •      AD7E7E Copper Rose
  •      FFAF56 Tan
  •      8EBE57 Lime
  •      0000FF Blue

[edit] Premium Colors

The premium colors can be purchased. Purchasing a color gives you unlimited use of that color forever.

  •      990024 Tyrian Purple
  •      880085 Mardi Gras
  •      4169E1 Royal Blue
  •      FF43A4 Wild Strawberry
  •      100C08 Smoky Black

[edit] Reserve Colors

Games with more than 24 players will offer additional color choices, up to the max of 40. Because these colors are often too similar to other colors or the neutral color, these colors only available in large games to minimize the number of times that similar colors are used. Note that they cannot be selected as a default player color.

  •      DAA520 Goldenrod
  •      00FFFF Cyan
  •      8F9779 Artichoke
  •      00755E Rain Forest
  •      FFE5B4 Peach
  •      8DB600 Apple Green
  •      40826D Viridian
  •      C04000 Mahogany
  •      FFDDF4 Pink Lace
  •      CD7F32 Bronze
  •      C19A6B Wood Brown
  •      C09999 Tuscany
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