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Mines are the core way to get ore in Warzone Idle. Mines generate ore every second. You can find mines by exploring on the map and conquering them.

Mines can be upgraded to produce more ore per second. The upgrade cost varies depending on the mine and the level, so the costs are not listed in this wiki.

The ore that mines generate can be refined into bars via Smelters

[edit] Generation Rate

Each mine generates different types of resources, and in different ratios. For example, a mine could generate 100% copper, or 30% copper and 70% tin.

The total ore each mine generates is based on this formula:

0.3 * Level ^ 2 + Level + 2

The result of this formula is then divided into the resource types it generates.

Level Mining Rate Increase %
1 3.3/sec - -
2 5.2/sec +1.9/sec +58%
3 7.7/sec +2.5/sec +48%
4 10.8/sec +3.1/sec +40%
5 14.5/sec +3.7/sec +34%
6 18.8/sec +4.3/sec +30%
7 23.7/sec +4.9/sec +26%
8 29.2/sec +5.5/sec +23%
9 35.3/sec +6.1/sec +21%
10 42.0/sec +6.7/sec +19%
11 49.3/sec +7.3/sec +17%
12 57.2/sec +7.9/sec +16%

These numbers can be increased via your tech upgrades, advancement upgrades, supercharge powers, etc.

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