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Map of the week, originally created by Apollo and later recreated by Fizzer, allows players to vote, with a single vote, for 5 maps, every week, and the map with the most votes becomes the map of the week for the following week.

Since 3.05.0, an auto-game has always been created using the map of the week: when it was added, in 3,03.0, auto-games were not created.


[edit] Differences between Apollos and the current version

Apollos version, under his rules, was a place to go where mapmakers could give insight and opinion to other mapmakers about their maps. The whole point was for mapmakers to have reviews, so that existing or future mapmakers could have experienced advice in what to keep or avoid in future endeavors. Anyone could nominate a map, as long as they did not nominate their own.

The current version allows anyone to vote for the maps and some players (regardless of whether are a mapmaker or not) give their reasoning on why they voted the way they did. At the moment, only members can nominate maps.

[edit] Similarities between Apollos and the current version

  • Five maps get voted
  • Players give their opinions about maps

[edit] Trends in maps getting chosen, for the next week

  • The map with the 2nd highest vote from the previous week always gets chosen
  • The highest voted map created within the last 2 to 9 days always gets chosen
  • A random map is always chosen
  • 2 nominated maps are always chosen

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