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The best way to give feedback about a map is to post a review of the map. This can be used to point out missing connections or other bugs, as well as give praise or criticism.

This review will show up on the main page for the map. By submitting bugs this way, it also lets other players know that about the issue so they don't need to contact the map creator with the same bug. If the map creator fixes the issue, be sure to edit or delete your review so that it contains the most up-to-date information.

[edit] Private Feedback

Alternatively, you can submit your feedback privately to the map creator by using the Send Feedback button. You can find the Send Feedback button on the map preview screen, which can be accessed several different ways:

  • When in a game, click the Settings button and then View Map
  • When choosing a map while creating a custom game, click Preview Map
  • On the dashboard, click Show All under Newest Maps, click the map, then click Examine This Map.

Players can also post their feedback on the map development forum, however this is often less effective as not all map creators regularly check the forum.

[edit] Map Adoption

Most map creators are very good at fixing issues in maps after the issues are reported via this feedback system. However if you discover a map that seems to have been abandoned, the map may be eligible for adoption by a new owner. If you're interested in adopting an abandoned map, send an e-mail to with a link to the map (from You should have experience in map making before adopting a new map, and you should give the previous owner at least two weeks to reply to your inquiries before considering them unresponsive.

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