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In-distribution neutrals is a game setting that defines how many neutral armies starts on territories that are in the distribution, but a player did not receive.

[edit] Details

Normally, territories in the distribution are given to a player, in which case the Initial Armies per Territory setting will determine how many armies those territories start with.

However, it's possible for territories in the distribution to not be given to players. This can happen for two reasons:

  1. A territory limit is in effect, and there are more territories in the distribution than the number of players times the limit. Players will be given up the limit and the rest will be neutral.
  2. Even if there is no territory limit in effect, a normal distribution always ensures that players are always given an equal number of territories. If the number of territories does not divide equally into the number of players, then Warzone gives out as many as possible and makes the remainder neutral.

In either case, the in-distribution neutrals setting controls how big these neutrals will be at the start of the game.

This setting only applies when the game is using a normal distribution.

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