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Warzone games that have been finished for more than 10 days are eligible for being archived. For the most part, this doesn't change anything — archived games are still available in your My Games page just like they were before and you can still read all of the chat and view all of their history. This is just a change to the way Warzone stores finished games internally, but it does have a couple minor effects:

  • You can't chat in archived games. Remember games aren't archived until 10 days after they're complete, so that should be plenty of time to say your ggs and do any post-game discussion. All of the game's chat is still available to read, you just can't say anything new.
  • If a game still has unread chat when it's archived, it won't show up as having unread chat on the My Games page. The chat is still available if you open the game, it's just not shown on the My Games page. Hopefully, players who go 10 days without reading the chat aren't likely to ever read the chat anyway.
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