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This page explains how to debug issues with Warzone's advertisements. If you get a pop-up message while playing Warzone that says "Oops, Warzone failed to display an advertisement", then this page will help figure out why.

As the pop-up message states, failing to fix this problem will cause points earned to diminish. This will only happen if you get this failure 5 or more times. Also, note that after fixing the issue, it can take up to 10 normal ad-views before points revert to giving full amounts again (each ad-view will increase points earned by about 10%).

[edit] Debugging Ad Errors

  1. First, ensure you disable any pop-up blockers installed, or add exemptions for This is the obvious step that you've likely already tried before you got here.
  2. If you added an exemption but it didn't work, try disabling the pop-up blocker completely. If this works, then it means your exemption didn't work and you should investigate further. If you can't get the exemption working, you should contact the pop-up blocker's community for help.
  3. If disabling all pop-up blockers doesn't help, or if you never had a pop-up blocker: Try using a different web-browser. If a different web-browser works, then it means there's some extension or plug-in in your first browser that's causing the issue. Try disabling each extension and plug-in one at a time to figure out which one. Once you've identified which one is causing the issue, you should investigate its settings to figure out how to add an exemption for
  4. If the second web-browser has the same issue: You should try a different computer connected to the same network. If this computer works, it means that the problem is related to some software you have installed on your main computer. Try disabling any anti-virus or anti-malware applications to see if this resolves the issue. If it does, then you should investigate that software's settings to figure out how to add an exemption for
  5. If both computers have the same problem, and you don't believe it's caused by any software that's common to both, then the ads may be blocked by your network or internet service provider. You should contact your network administrator or internet service provider's support department.
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