The Chronicles of Far Land (Part 1) (Read Me)

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Welcome to the first lv of this new scenario.

The series will last between 8-10 levels! I will be posting a new part of the scenario after the previous lv has been defeated.


You are Pirate Black, cpt. of your pirate crew. You have just reached the mysterious town of Far Land. Your mission is to conquer the whole town! It will not be easy, as you will have to face several though enemies throughout a series of levels. Defeat the lowly peasants, the angry town villagers, the pyroman, the grave keeper, the merchants, the town guards, the royal navy, the royal guards, and the Ruler of Mt. Zion.
For this first installment of this series, your goal is to invade the southern district of the city. Take out the town guards fast, so that you can deal with the peasants without much resistance!

Special rules:

Will be added to the description of part 2 due to lack of space

The lvs are meant to be a challenge, but not as hard as my earlier lvs. I hope you will enjoy them!