The Struggle (Hard Version)

Created by Lepanto31 (all)
State: Public
Went public on 7/2/2017
Number of attempts: 821
Number of wins: 1
Number of likes: 2
Record holder: [V.I.W]*mtanzer* in 12 turns on 7/10/2017


This is the harder version of The Struggle level!

Personal Scenario Rating:
Difficulty ★★★★★
Skill ★★★★
Luck ★★★★
Stamina ★★

This scenario has been designed to last between 14-20 turns.
A victory within 16 turns is to be considered as a Gold Star win!

Remember to check the card pieces the AI have in the hand!


Somali Pirates have invaded from the south and the Sea. You are outnumbered and have no backups, but you have to find a solution, or the whole country will fall!