The Concordia Duel (Hard Version)

Created by Lepanto31 (all)
State: Public
Went public on 6/20/2017
Number of attempts: 532
Number of wins: 3
Number of likes: 2
Record holder: [V.I.W]*mtanzer* in 17 turns on 6/20/2017


This is the harder version of The Concordia Duel lv!

Personal Scenario Rating:
Difficulty ★★★★
Skill ★★★★
Luck ★★
Stamina ★★

This scenario has been designed to last between 16-22 turns.
A victory within 18 turns is to be considered as a Gold Star win!

Remember to check the card pieces the AI have in the hand!



1v1 Against an Ai? easy! :)