The Last Stand (Hard Version)

Created by Lepanto31 (all)
State: Public
Went public on 6/14/2017
Number of attempts: 141
Number of wins: 14
Number of likes: 8
Record holder: 劉又瑋 in 32 turns on 6/18/2017


This is the harder version of the Last Stand level

Original concept comes directly from the map maker, that made a great map for scenarios


Personal Scenario Rating:
Difficulty ★★★
Skill ★★★
Luck ★
Stamina ★★★★

This scenario has been designed to last between 35-42 turns.
A victory within 38 turns is to be considered as a Gold Star win!

Kill rates lowered to 50/65. Blockade cards are to be used on zombie pits. You have 40 turns before the Zombie Apocalypse! Remember to check the card pieces the AI have in the hand!


Your goal is to annihilate all wandering zombies and to destroy all of their spawn pits!
Remember to use the blockade cards once you capture a zombie pit!