Levels by Joi179

Safe the greate Kingdom

Backstab like

its not always easy

who needs income?

Losing isnt an option!


Beginner Level (1)

Beginner Level (2)

Beginner Level (3)

Beginner Level (4)

Beginner Level (5)

Beginner Level (6)

Beginner Level (7)

Beginner Level (8)

An unfair strategic 1v1

Can you turn this game around?

An Unfair 1v1 #2

An Unfair 1v1 #3

An Unfair 1v1 #4

Unfair 1v1 #5

"Fight for Poland" 40 to 1

Refusing "Anschluss"

"Fight For Poland" 40 to 1 (Hard Version)

Wrath of the Wehrmacht brought to a halt

Controll Your AI

Fighting and Controlling..

Controlling an whole AI team?

AI Box Fights [Hard]

Controlling Your AI

Controlling Your AI FFA

Multiple 1v1's [Very Hard]

1v1 1:7

1v6 1:7 [Very Hard]

1v14 1:7 [Expert Difficulty]

1v16 1:8 [Legendary Difficulty]

1v17 1:13 [Ultra Legendary Difficulty]

1 Turn Challenge.

low to none income challenge

low to none income challenge [Hard]

Fight for the same bonus

Fight for the bonus [Hard]

The 5 Turn challenge.

Small Challenge

The 5 Turn Challenge #2

Nothing VS Nothing VS Nothing

Stalemate? (Very Hard Version)

Stalemate? #2

Stalemate? #3

Stalemate? #4

Stalemate? #5

Complete Fog Problem

3 Player Stalemate

Tricky Europe V2

French Disaster V3

Middle-East Predicament

Dont let the AI take anything.. or..

500K Units vs AI 0inc/0units.Impossible? [Fixed]

Stalemate? #6

Stalemate? #7

No Manpower...

Bad Weather

Just hold the line...

Tutorial: how Not to do it..

Doing it Yourself


World War 2320 (Harder Version)

Time to take a risk (Harder Version)

Now you see me... (Harder Version)

Top of the Plateau (Harder Version)

Get a clue (Harder Version)

Hard to get (Harder Version)

Take the Castle (Harder Version)

Getting Strategic (Harder Version)

Kill or be killed (Harder Version)

The Italian Hunt (Harder Version)

Calling all reinforcements (Harder Version)

Floating Skills (Harder Version)

Race to the middle (Harder Version)

A different approach (Harder Version)

Complex Complex (Harder Version)

Someone stole my oil (Harder Version)

Feeling Blue (Harder Version)

Ham or Turkey (Harder Version)

Stuck together (Harder Version)

Three blind mice (Harder Version)

Blind man's game (Harder Version)