Levels by unɐq ǝɔuɐɥƆ



War to poland


Invasion (Little Medium)

War of the World 1

War of the World 2

War of the World 3

War of the World 4

War of the World 5

War of the World 6


World War 3 1.1

World War 3 1.2

World War 3 1.3

World War 3 1.4

World War 3 Part 1

World War 3 Part 2

World War 3 Part 3

World War 3 Part 4 1/2

WW3 Axis Campaign 1

Strategizing Earth

Future Wars #1 : Chile-Argentina War

Unknowingly Game

Do it now (Easy)


Double Danger

Returning to the Old Side

Returning to the Old Side part II


Useless Bonus


Future Wars #2 : Italian Civil War

Strategizing Lands

Four Castles Version 2




Another Lotto

Defeat the cheater

A duo

Defeat the cheater REVERSED

Battling to the Side

Supporting the Ally

Europe Challenge (Hard)

__________’s level

Failed Siege of Feldmere

Simple Instructions

Useless Defense

Fighting at Timor Leste

Weak Offense

Chinese Checkers (Warzone Mode)

Either you or the others

Having more is better

First Lessons Test

Too much 1

Right Timing

Opposing Victory


Money Inflation and Corruption

Sticky Armies

History of the World- I-1

Level Extravaganza : Part 1

Level Extravaganza: Part 2

Little Space


Cramped China

Hoping for Victory #3

Hoping for Victory #1

Hoping for Victory #2

Hoping for Victory #1 (Harder Version)

Level name...


Ɩ# uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩


Reverse Cycology

Around the World

God vs God

Think Before You Click

Thinking 7 Times

Thinking Easy

Critical Thinking

Hiding, betrayer? (Preview)

Think Before You Think

Thinking T (This title is over the limit)

Thinking Too Little