Levels by fredtheyounger

Seek and Destroy -- Multi Attack

Something a little different

Another Big Map

Something the same but different

Big Africa

Long Slog

Catch as catch can

Big China Chain attack

crowded europe

Big Europe Complete Fog

I could use some reinforcements (enhancements)).

An economic twist

Commerce & Chain Attack

Here we go again.

Haven't seen this map in a while

Perth + AI Adelaide vs. Sydney + Darwin


Keeping centered

fredtheyounger's level

A bit of this and that

back to the drawing board

For your consideration.....

El Norte is crowded

El Norte is lonely

El Norte with a couple of teams

The last El Norte. I Promise.

Economic game 2

Economic game 3

economic game 4

ecomic game 5



something else


warlords in the middle kingdom

Stolen Idea

Easier than it looks but takes time

no hinding place

Something is different

Just a little bit different

My hovercraft is full of eels

A mess

A cleaner mess

another thing

clash in scandinavia

This is crowded

four players big start

Three teams of two

War Stars

fredtheyounger's level


three teams of two (two)